Week of Oct. 11th-14th

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Numbers and Letters:

F, R, O, P


Colors this Week:


Shape of the Week:


Mon: Have fun on the ABC farm

  • Today we did a following the directions farm project!
  • We then had fun animal stamping
  • Then we did a farm pattern counting.
  • Finally we made animals out of moon sand.

Tues: Fun with farm animals

  • Today we made handprint pigs using pink paint.
  • We then did a sorting project. Sorting farm animals and zoo animals.
  • Then we did a hayride cut and glue project.
  • Finally we did farm animal counting.

Wed: A day with foggy.

  • Today we had fun with froggy books!
  • We put frogs on logs in patterns.
  • Then we put bugs on letter F.
  • Finally we did a frog toss!

Thurs: Fire Saftey

  • Today we learned how to stop, drop, and roll.
  • We then made firefighter handprints
  • Then we did a fire safety cut and glue project.
  • Finally we did a fire chief counting order 1-20.


  • Let’s go Froggy!
  • Froggy gets dressed!
  • Froggy’s day with dad!
  • Dinosaurs, it’s fire drill day!
  • Stop, drop, and roll
  • Firebears


  • Naming the Stars Isaiah 40:26
  • Helping Each Other Galatians 6″2
  • Joyful hearts Psalm 33:20-21
  • God hears your cry Psalm 40:1

Homework: Bring in something you made that start with letter P. Example would be a Pumpkin 🎃


Mrs. Nichole

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