This week we focused on the letter Pp. We talked about how pizza, pumpkins, party, pjs, and popcorn begin with the letter Pp. 

On Tuesday, we focused on activities around pizza. We read the book Pete the Cat and the Perfect Pizza Party and The Pumpkin Patch Parable. During centers, we made a pretend pizza by counting out the ingredients on a recipe card, traced/wrote the letter Pp, did a creative writing by saying what our favorite pizza is, and made our ABCs with Pop-its. During afternoon centers, we did our the Pp says /p/ cutting page, found the letter Pp on a worksheet, and wrote our ABCs in sand. We also played the I have… Who has.. color and shape game. Today was also our friend, Jacob’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Jacob!!!

On Wednesday, we focused on activities around pumpkins. We read the books Pumpkin Trouble and Penguin and Pumpkin. During centers, we counted out pumpkin seeds on the correct number on a pumpkin, matched upper and lower case ABCs (pumpkin themed), and linked the amount of chain links that a pumpkin card had on it. In the afternoon, we learned about tally marks by voting on how a pumpkin looked, felt and weighed. We also had our Harvest Party!! We had tons of fun!!!

On Thursday, we focused on the letter Pp some more. We read the book Spookley the Square Pumpkin and I Love Pumpkins! During centers, we painted our Spookley art project, used a push pin to make a pumpkin, drew a picture of us at the pumpkin patch and wrote our names on our October Monthly coloring page, and color sorted pom poms into the right colored containers with tongs. In the afternoon, we finished our Spookley the Square pumpkin craft, decorated our mini pumpkins and played a Halloween I have…. Who has… game. We also got to watch the movie Spookley and eat popcorn. Today was also our friend, Clay’s birthday!! Happy Birthday, Clay!!!

As you can see, we are very busy during the day and we are learning a ton of new things!!! The kids are doing great. 

As always, if you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi