The first week of October is in the books and we have a busy rest of the month planned!

Monday– We started the week off with our new letter Rr by having activities in centers and big room that related to the letter Rr. We colored rainbow fish, completed a creative writing with our favorite sea animal, measured spiders string with unifix cubes and counted and circled the correct number of shapes in each problem. We have been working on writing our names a lot and some students are really improving! The books we read today were: Rainbow Fish and the Big Blue Whale, Rainbow Fish to the Rescue, and Good Night Little Rainbow Fish.

Tuesday- The kids had relay races in big room time today and think they enjoyed having teams and racing against each other. Some of our centers included practice writing our Rr’s in QK, finding and coloring all the Rr’s in the letter scramble, completing the given pattern using fall items, and a Rainbow Fish share/feeling page. The kids enjoyed looking at books to start off the day at start up. The books I read to the class included: Charlie the Ranch Dog Rock Star and Ruby the Copycat.

Wednesday- Picture Day! All the kids pictures will look great when you see them! The photographer was great with them and made sure clothes, smiles, and hair were in place! I kept things clean today not know for sure how long pictures would take or what time we would be called down. We did do a few evaluation items such as completing a snap, button and zipper, along with stringing beads. Once we got settled back into class we completed a R is for Rabbit craft. The book I read is Five Colorful Crayons.

Thursday- We ended the week with rainbows and completing a rainbow fish of our own by tearing small pieces of paper which was a challenge for some. Fine motor skills are KEY in school. Students torn red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple pieces of paper and glued them onto their own unique rainbow fish. They are turned out great and I plan on adding some finishing touches this weekend if I can find the supplies I need! We also colored and cut out more rectangles and the book I read was The Crayons that Saved the World with Rainbows.

PLEASE be checking your child’s folder daily as there are some time sensitive items that have been coming home this last week.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will get back to you as soon as possible

Have a great weekend and Monday we start the letter Ff!













**Have your child tell me the secret code: ABC FARM on Monday for a special treat!**