Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on the letter F


Books we read:

The Cow That Laid An Egg

There Was an Old Lady that Swallowed a Chick




We colored a fire truck for our Ff ABC page

We put feathers on letter Ff

We put together a farm felt board

We played with a farm toy, complete with a barn, animals, tractors, etc.

We painted our hand to create farm animals-Monday/Wednesday kids made cows, and Tuesday/Thursday kids made chickens!

We practiced writing our names for start-up work

Because of our field trip Thursday, we planned a fun day for the Monday/Wednesday classes on Wednesday. We played several games, like Connect 4, Pop the Pig, Ants in the Pants, & Candy Land. We also used magnet tiles to build, and used our E-writing boards for fine motor practice .




During Art time, we did a “following directions project”. We do this to show the student’s ability to follow a given direction, in  addition to their recognition of colors, and coloring skills. Each child is given a farm coloring page, and I read a story aloud which tells them exactly what to color, what color to use, etc. We will do this again in May to see their progress!

We also got to see our completed “walking rainbow” from last week. the colors combined just like they were supposed to . It turned out just right!




Remember, Monday & Tuesday are our Harvest Parties!


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli