The kids did great this week! They are adjusting to our classroom very well!

We focused on the letters M and A this week.

Mon/Tue we learned all about the Letter M. We read “If you Give a Moose a Muffin” we got to eat muffins too, which was a real treat. We also played an I Spy game.

In our centers we colored our M ABC page, put kinetic sand on the letter M, Found letter M on a Quick kit worksheet, Drew a self portrait while looking in the mirror, Put magnets on a M is for Moose mat.

On Tue/Thur we focused on the letter A. We read Apple Trouble and used rubber stamps on letter A.

In our centers we colored our A ABC page, put small apples on the letter A, made the letter A on small peg boards, found the As in an apple sensory table, and sorted colored bears on a Twister mat.

Next week we will start doing Treasure Box only on Wed/Thur. Mon/Tuesday I will pass out stickers for all the kids who stay on Green.
We’ve had a fun couple weeks and I’m excited to keep getting to know the kids as they become more comfortable!

If you ever have questions or concerns my number is (219) 669-3307 and my email is  or you could always call the school.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kristina