We survived the 2nd week of school! Woohoo! The students are getting used to our schedule and routines, which is a good thing they are picking it up so fast! A few notes before I get into what we accomplished this week in class…1) PLEASE have your child use the restroom BEFORE they get to school. I know sometimes they will have to use the restroom during the day which is fine, but this week we seemed to be influenced by our classmates when others needed to go possibly. The students are in school for a short bit and I try to use all the time I can with educational activities.  2) Papers and/or crafts we do in class may not always come home. We do activities in sleeve protectors with dry erase markers and other hands-on/fine motor work and these centers don’t have materials coming home. Don’t think if papers don’t come home that we aren’t working hard! and lastly 3) Treasure box was started today. I explained to the classes that in order to receive a chance to pick a prize they need to have a good week and behave. If notes go home or a student is disobedient they possibly may not get a prize. It is a reward for those that have a positive week. If you have questions on any of these matters, please let me know!

Now…we had a busy week doing lots of different activities and I think the students’ favorite was probably have a treat (mini muffins!) on Tuesday!

Monday was Monster day! We created different shape monsters. All the students got different shapes to cut out and had fun constructing their own unique monster. The monster books we had included: Stay Away Big Green Monster, How I Met my Monster, I Need My Monster, and How to Catch a Monster.

Tuesday was our muffin day! All of our centers for the day involved muffins in some fashion which went along with the book If you Give a Moose a Muffin. The centers included matching numbers to dots with the tops and bottoms of muffins, a creative writing/drawing I would give a moose a ________ page, a page that they said what kind of muffin they would like to eat and draw, and lastly my favorite-using jumbo tweezers (GREAT for fine motor work! Dollar Tree has them!) and picking up pom poms and placing into muffin tins by the number in the bottom of the muffin cup. We also had mini muffins as a treat at the end of our centers! The other books we read included: Monster Appetite, If you Give a Dog a Donut, If you Give a Pig a Party, and If you Give a Mouse a Cookie.

Wednesday we talked about the moon and started a moon craft and also constructed the letter M mice. The students cut most of the parts of the M which were good seeing some scissor work. We definitely need to continue with the scissors and cutting activities. The book we read (small chapter book) was Minnie and Moo go to the Moon.

Thursday we discussed manners and I emphasized how they need to be used not only in school but at home as well. I hope you see some manners being used this weekend! We finished up our moon craft from Wednesday. (It needed to dry) We also colored lots of different Mm words and I used this as a following directions activity. The manners books I read were: Terrible Awful Horrible Manners and Monkey Manners Please/Thank you.

When the students arrive each day there is an activity for them to get started on while arrival is occurring. Some days they may have a color page dealing with the theme for the day, dry erase name writing practice, puzzles or books to look at. I try to vary it up weekly.

Next week is our apples week and there are lots of fun apple activities we will be doing and also sampling!

If you have any questions, please email me or send a note in with your child. Have a great weekend! MrsAimeeABC@gmail.com