Week of September 28-30


Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom

This week we learned about the letter M with mustache, moose, muffin, and mud.  We did some rhyming with the book, Goodnight Moon, and had some fun searching for the mouse on each page.  We are learning zoo phonics in our classroom.  This learning style gives an action and name for each letter to help connect the letter and it’s sound.  This month we learned the letter A with Allie Alligator (open and close your arms like a chomping alligator) and the letter M with Missy Mouse (put your hands to your mouth like you are a mouse eating cheese).  It would be great to ask your child to do the motion with the sound at home to help them remember this sound.

We made it through the first month of school!  Next month we will be learning about the letters F, R, O, and P.  We will also learn about orange, squares and the numbers 4, 5, 6, and 7.  October is a fun month!  We will be taking a field trip to the pumpkin patch and will have a harvest party.  More information will be coming home about both of those events.

Literacy Activities:

  • Made an M for mustache
  • I spy letter M
  • Worked as a group to feed the moose the matching upper and lower case letter muffins
  • Letter M cut out and sort upper and lower case letters
  • Rhyming words with the book, Goodnight Moon

Math Activities:

  • Mustache color sort
  • Measuring mustaches with cubes
  • Built the number 1 and 2 with cubes and traced the numbers
  • Picked a number and made play-doh muffins
  • Made mud pies with flowers, rocks, twigs, and leaves by following a number recipe

Fine Motor/Sensory/Writing:

  • Traced and wrote the letter Mm
  • Put beads on mustache pipe cleaners
  • Built with big and small legos
  • Filled muffin tins with pom pom balls and tweezers
  • Drew letters in “mud” pudding with fingers
  • Painted with marshmallows

Books We Read:

  • Moosetache
  • If You Give a Moose a Muffin
  • Edward Gets Messy
  • Goodnight Moon


Please remember to pack water bottles each day and if you have not brought in extra clothes yet, please do so.

Please, please make sure your child goes to the bathroom before you leave for school.  We do not have our first bathroom break until 9:30.  We do cover a lot during those 30 minutes and I hate to have them miss that instruction.

If you need to get in touch with me please send me a email amccrady14@yahoo.com or call the school 219-365-5735.

I hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend and I look forward to see everyone on Tuesday!

Mrs. Amanda

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