Welcome to Mrs. Kristina’s preschool class! We had a great first week! I saw so many smiling faces (and a few tears) and enjoyed meeting all the kids and getting an idea of the dynamic of each class! We are going to have a great year!
In our class we do a circle time, art/activity time, and learning centers daily. With this weekly email I will give a brief description of what we did in those areas.

This week on Tue/Wed we read Preschool Time and made a handprint keepsake for the parents!  In our centers we traced our name (learning how to grasp a writing tool), played with play doh, colored a 1st day of school color sheet, played with suctioning building toys, and played with Large pegboards.

On  Thur/Fri we read Under the Apple Tree and made a name apple craft that is hanging in the hall at school.

For our centers  we colored a monthly nursery rhyme, stacked red unifix cubes, made a red shape chain, made apples on a large peg board, used red marker on the white board.

We filled our first week with lots of fun! In our classroom we use the stoplight system for discipline- green- great, yellow- think about a better choice, another chance, red- a note sent home, no treasure box. For the first 2 weeks we do treasure box daily, after that it goes to weekly (Wed and Thur) with stickers given on Mon/Tues. There usually isn’t a problem but if something comes up I try my best to put a note in the child’s folder. So far Treasure Box is a big motivator!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I look forward to seeing you all next week!

Mrs. Kristina