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Celebrating 14 years

Welcome to ABC Christian Learning Academy! At our school, we strive to provide a nurturing learning environment. Each child will be treated with the utmost respect and care. The school is firm on the measure of integrity, and morals of our staff. We believe that all staff must conduct themselves in a Christian manner at all times. In addition, an annual criminal background check is mandatory in order to be on staff. These results are available to any parent, at any time, upon request.

We provide a foundation to each child by helping them develop…







ABC Important News!


Our school will be closed for month of April.

We hope to return on the week of May 4th. 

We will be monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 Virus and 

make necessary adjustments to this plan if needed.  

If you have questions, please call or email the school.

2020-2021 School Year Registration Information!

Our Registration Open House this year was amazing!  It was nice visiting with our returning families,

as well as getting to meet so many new families!

The following classes have available spots:

Monday-Wednesday Afternoon Preschool

Tuesday-Thursday Afternoon Preschool

Pre-Kindergarten Afternoon – VERY LIMITED SPOTS

The following classes have filled up, and a waiting list has begun**:

Monday-Wednesday Morning Preschool

Tuesday-Thursday Morning Preschool

Pre-Kindergarten Morning

Pre-Kindergarten All Day

**If you are interested in a class that is listed as having a wait list, please email or call the school to have your name placed on the list.   You do not need to pay the registration fee to be placed on a wait list.  We VERY often call from these lists in the summer time.  That is when we see the most movement. 

If you have any questions, please email or call the school and we will be happy to help you!

Contact us at:  ABCChristianLA@gmail.com  or  219-365-5735.  

We are also on Facebook – ABC Christian Learning Academy, you can message us there as well.

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About Our School

At ABC Christian Learning Academy we provide a safe, responsible, early education program for children from the ages of 3 to 5 years.

We will provide a foundation to each child by helping them develop socially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
We believe that giving a child a firm educational foundation is the key to their success in future years of learning.

Through our program, we also strive to bring glory to God by utilizing the building and resources that He has blessed us with.

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Pre School

Our Preschool class will focus on the social and emotional development of your child through play, art, music, and games. They will learn to share, to listen, take turns, and become an important part of the community. We will also introduce your child to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and much more!

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Pre Kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten class will continue to focus on social and emotional development, as well as learning academic skills that are necessary for Kindergarten. We will also introduce your child to the joy of reading!

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What Parents Say About Us

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My oldest son is currently enrolled in his second year at ABC. I have four more little ones, and they all will attend ABC, without a doubt. Academics, Faith, Emotional Development, Fun, You name it- The staff at ABC are second to none. The feeling that comes over me when I see another adult make my child feel proud of himself and loved by the Lord is indescribable. I love the teachers he’s had, I love the support staff that have been placed in his classroom- I could go on and on. As a pre-k student this year, my son has developed an eagerness to read. I’m positive it’s because of the education he’s received both last and this year at ABC. He’s sounding out letters, writing them to the best of his ability, and most of all- excited to do so! As a former teacher myself, I very much appreciate the installment of a lifelong love for learning. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart to all of ABC’s staff for loving my little boy. Can’t wait to bless the rest of my children through you!

Kristen P.

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