As parents ourselves, the staff at ABC Christian knows the importance of wanting a sense of security when we send our little ones to school. This is why we strive to make our school more than just a learning environment. We make it an extension to what you are already implementing in your homes, and we consider our school – one big family.

We have all been there – so we wanted to make this experience in your life and your child’s life the most positive that we can.

We could tell you all about our school, but we thought that it would be better for you to hear about it from some of our parents.

The following comments were submitted by past and present families. Some have even offered to talk with you personally about the school. If this is your wish, then please email the school or fill out the form below, and we will discuss that further.

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I want to thank these families that commented on our school. We truly appreciate your kind words from the bottom of our hearts!

My oldest son is currently enrolled in his second year at ABC. I have four more little ones, and they all will attend ABC, without a doubt. Academics, Faith, Emotional Development, Fun, You name it- The staff at ABC are second to none. The feeling that comes over me when I see another adult make my child feel proud of himself and loved by the Lord is indescribable. I love the teachers he’s had, I love the support staff that have been placed in his classroom- I could go on and on. As a pre-k student this year, my son has developed an eagerness to read. I’m positive it’s because of the education he’s received both last and this year at ABC. He’s sounding out letters, writing them to the best of his ability, and most of all- excited to do so! As a former teacher myself, I very much appreciate the installment of a lifelong love for learning. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart to all of ABC’s staff for loving my little boy. Can’t wait to bless the rest of my children through you!

Kristen P.

Following a disastrous first preschool experience, we were careful in choosing our son’s new school. ABC came highly recommended from a friend. We are so thankful for that recommendation! We have been so amazed to see the growth in both of our wild little boys! Not only have they made tremendous academic and spiritual strides, we’ve been thrilled to see their happiness and new found independence at school. As the mom of a child with severe and lifelong separation anxiety, it is so meaningful to us to see him walking into school with a smile on his face! The teachers are never-endingly kind yet able to discipline lovingly when needed. We recently moved farther away from ABC. Despite the fact that there are many preschools closer, we know that for our family, there is no preschool greater. We look forward to driving our younger son back to ABC next year!

Lisa P.

When I drop off my son to school, I don’t worry because I know he is in wonderful hands. My son talks about school and his teachers all week long. The teachers at ABC are loving, caring, and absolutely wonderful.

Jackie C.

ABC Christian has been a wonderful first school experience for my son. The teachers are wonderful. They are organized, and great with the kids. The drop off procedure is great, especially with little ones! You do not need to take them out! The school work is developmentally appropriate for the age group. We love this school!

Beatrice V.

About ABC – My daughter loves coming to school here. She has learned her colors, shapes, numbers, and letters quickly. Plus she has learned both upper and lowercase letters. I know with the help of her teacher, she will soon be printing her name too. The best thing about ABC is the focus on Jesus. My daughter tells me all of the time, “Jesus is in my heart Mom”!

Chrissy B.

Sending our daughter to ABC Christian was a great decision. Every time I drop her off, she is happy and excited to start her day there. The staff is wonderful and they go above and beyond just being teachers. They also help the children learn to become good people. They have a genuine love for both the children and their families. We have had nothing but positive experiences the past two years.

Nancy K.

As a very busy and slightly overprotective mother of 4, ABC Christian has been a blessing! I have had two daughters in the program and have been pleased in every way. The teachers are fun, patient, and extremely loving. My girls have NEVER complained about having to go to school, in fact, they wake up excited about preschool. They learn a lot without it feeling like “work”. They’ve become more independent and learned how to get along with other children. ABC graduates leave well prepared for Kindergarten and with a positive outlook on school, which is important. Communication with the parents is very open and the school is EXTREMELY organized which eliminates a lot of stress on me. I’ve always dropped off my girls feeling confident that they were safe, and in good hands. They also don’t demand any extra work from the parents, such as mandatory volunteer time, as many local preschools do. I appreciate this freedom and the opportunity for that “me” time. We are thankful that we chose ABC. I’d make the choice again in a heartbeat. ABC is an outstanding preschool run by caring and devoted people who have really made a positive difference in the lives of my daughters. I highly recommend ABC Christian Learning Academy!

Kim J.

I am a mother of two boys which have totally different personalities. My younger son currently goes to ABC Christian and also went there last year. This school has taught him so many things even beyond academics. Coming from a mother who had a “not so good” experience with my older son’s preschool, ABC was a lifesaver. My younger son knows more now than my older son did at the end of his Pre-K year. And I pretty much owe that to the teachers at ABC. They are so caring and loving that they all go beyond the extra mile. When you sign up your child with ABC, you not only get the schooling for that child, you also get a support system for your whole family. They care so much beyond academics. I will recommend ABC to anyone that asks where my child went for preschool. This is an awesome preschool, and this is coming from someone who had one child go to ABC and one that went to another preschool. You won’t regret your decision!!!!!

Brandi B.

I am very pleased with the education and guidance that my child has received at ABC Christian. The staff is caring and they treat the kids with the utmost respect. I highly recommend ABC Christian.

L. M.

We are so thrilled with ABC! Thanks for making school so special for our daughter! You are a blessing!

Denise D.

• The teachers at ABC genuinely care about my children
• They teach them Christianity
• Communicate efficiently with parents
• Care about the kids safety
• Work diligently to find a solution to any concerns that I have
• I don’t have to get out of my car! ?
• Very loving
• Appreciate that kids are kids
• My children love it here!!!

Rita B.

To all the teaching staff at ABC Christian L.A. –
I am SO PLEASED that I found your ad in the phone book and enrolled my daughter here! She has really enjoyed her time here, she loves her teachers, and loves all that she does and learns! I am disappointed that we are moving, and she won’t be here the whole year! You have all been such a blessing to us! Best of luck to you all!

Tracy F.

I am so pleased with ABC Christian! I trust the teachers tremendously – they care about my daughter, have creative ways to teach her, and encourage her. She has fun, has shown great progress, and loves it there!

Jori W.

ABC Christian Academy has provided a faith based, loveable and caring learning setting for my daughter. She enjoys going every day! I was impressed when she came home singing, “Days of the Week” and “Months of the Year” songs! The teachers definitely love what they do and it shows!

Terry B.

I like all of the thought you put into everything! You work hard to please the parents and children. My son is learning so much from you this year! I can tell the improvement as the year goes by! I love the way you work hard on each child individually with what they need to work on more! Thanks!


My daughter has learned so much at ABC Christian. Not only has her social skills developed, but academically she has grown! I love the small class size and each themed month or week. This school really helps get your children ready for Kindergarten.

Alicia H.

ABC Christian School is the best! We have sent both of our kids to the school. These ladies truly love and have a passion for helping young kids. The minute your child walks in the door, they are surrounded by loving ladies. Our oldest daughter had many difficulties with going to school, and by the end of the year, she didn’t want to leave, and had conquered her fears. The ladies worked with us one on one and worked with our daughter, to find out what they could do to make her beginning school experience a positive one and it worked! It is amazing to see our kids come home with excitement of what they did at school and all that they have learned from these teachers. We have recommended many people to ABC, and we will continue to send more families their way!

Kim S.

I am so glad my son gets to attend ABC Christian! It is an awesome feeling when I drop him off somewhere that he gets excited about! What a blessing each one of these ladies have been in my son’s life. Next year, my daughter will also be attending and I’m eager to see what they both will come home knowing each day!

Kristin C.

I’m getting great feedback from my daughter’s 1st grade teacher and my other daughter’s Kindergarten teacher about their excellent reading levels! I send a HUGE thanks to all of you at ABC for instilling in them not only a love for reading, but also giving them all the tools they needed to be strong readers! Thanks for giving them an awesome start!