May 24-27


Happy Last Day of School!! Such a bittersweet day- Everyone is ready for lazy summer days, but it’s so hard to say Good Bye to the best kids that I’ve spent so much time with!

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May 18th-20th


May 18th-20th Can you believe we are at the end of the year! What a whirlwind of a year but we have made it! We have been reviewing letters numbers and shapes these last couple

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Week of May 18th-20th


Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page! This week we are reviewing the months of March and April. We talked about the colors green, gray, and yellow. Then we talked about octagons and diamonds. Centers:

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Week of May 18-20


Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom This week finished our final review of the letters, numbers, shapes, and colors.  Next week will be a week of fun before we send your kiddos off to Kindergarten!  This week we

Week of May 18-202021-05-24T18:46:29-05:00

Week of May 17th


Welcome to Mrs. Kelli's Classroom!   This week, we reviewed themes from January & February!   Books we read: Smooch Your Pooch Love Monster & the Perfect Present   Centers: We sorted skittles and made

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Week of May 18-20


Hi Parents, We had another fun week of review! Here's a snap shot... As you know, Tuesday was our 100th day! It was fun to see some of the kids dressed like they were 100

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Week of May 18th-20th


Time is ticking! We only have one week left and we will do our best to make it a fun one and get everything wrapped up and finished that we have been working on! This

Week of May 18th-20th2021-05-24T18:45:20-05:00

May 16-19


We are winding down!! So happy we got through the school year! We kept up with review this week! Mon/Tue we worked on I, S, and W. We completed our final name sample and read

May 16-192021-05-20T09:03:24-05:00

May 10-13


We started our review month this week. I can’t believe we are this close to the end. As much as I’m looking forward to lazy summer days, I’m really going to miss your kids!! They

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Week of May 11th-13th


Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page! This week we are reviewing the months of December, January, and February. We talked about the colors blue, black, white, purple, and pink., and, the shapes triangle, star,

Week of May 11th-13th2021-05-20T09:01:59-05:00
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