October 12-14


Fun with the letter Ff !! Tuesday was F is for frog! One of my favorite things about frog week is that we do our first directed drawing of the year. I will do direct

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Week of October 12-14


Mrs. Amanda’s Classroom This week we learned about the letter F with frogs, farm and fall.  Next week we will be learning about the letter Rr with rainbows and robots.   To have some fun with

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Week of Oct 11-14


Hello!! I hope the kids are coming home telling you about the letters P and R! On Mon/Tue we focused on the letter P! We wore pajamas to school and ate Popcorn! We read the

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Week of Oct. 11th-14th


We had a lot of fun with the letter Ff this week! The students were hard at work in centers, making crafts, and exerting that extra energy during big room time! The centers we had

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Week of Oct 12-14


Hi Parents, We had a fun week talking about the letter 'Ff.' Here's a snap shot... On Tuesday in centers the kids jumped jumpy frogs onto a lily pad with the matching number to the

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Week of Oct. 11th-14th


Welcome to Mrs. Nichole’s Pre-K Classroom Page! Numbers and Letters: F, R, O, P 4,5,6,7 Colors this Week: Orange Shape of the Week: Square Mon: Have fun on the ABC farm Today we did a

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Week of October 11th


Welcome to Mrs. Kelli's Preschool Classroom!   This week, we focused on the letters Pp & Rr   Books we read: Pinkalicious The How the Crayons Saved the Rainbow   Centers: We did our Pp

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Week of Oct 12-Oct 14


This week we talked and worked with activities that started with the letter Ff.  We talked about frogs, farm, and the season of fall.  On Tuesday, we focused on frogs.  We read the books Five Green

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October 5-7


Letter O week- Tuesday we celebrated the letter O while learning about opposites. Opposites are a difficult concept for this age to understand but these kiddos picked it up so quick! We used flash cards

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Week of Oct. 4th – 7th


The first week of October is in the books and we have a busy rest of the month planned! Monday- We started the week off with our new letter Rr by having activities in centers

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