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Week of May 16th – 19th


WOOOOHOOOOOO!!!! We survived and our year is over! We tried to make this last week a little more relaxed and had some fun these last few day! We had our last few graduation practices and

Week of May 16th – 19th2022-05-20T15:15:57-05:00

Week of May 9th – 12th


We OnLy HaVe OnE wEeK lEfT! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We had a fun week reviewing our last four months of material and even got to go outside, since we have nice weather FINALLY!!! This week each day

Week of May 9th – 12th2022-05-15T21:45:17-05:00

Week of May 2nd – 5th


One week down in May and only 2 more left! Holy Cow!!! Monday - We reviewed September items. Also we were busy tying up loose ends for things with King and Queen day on Wednesday.

Week of May 2nd – 5th2022-05-06T15:10:52-05:00

Week of April 25th – 28th


And just like that we will be starting our last month together on Monday! I can't believe we have ONLY 12 more classes together...this year FLEW by for me! We finished our last letter Qq

Week of April 25th – 28th2022-05-02T09:03:28-05:00

Week of April 18th – 21st


These last few weeks are FLYING by! Graduation information is starting to come home and us teachers are starting to get things prepared for it! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! We only have 16 more class days...hard to believe

Week of April 18th – 21st2022-04-25T11:09:47-05:00

Week of April 11th – 14th


We had another great week learning about the letter Yy and it's sound it makes. Also we kept reviewing our shape the octagon and numbers 19 and 20. Only 2 more weeks left and we

Week of April 11th – 14th2022-04-15T10:53:40-05:00

Week of April 4th – 7th


We had a great week starting the month of April covering Bb, numbers 19 and 20, and the octagon. We also have been reviewing a rectangle for a while now. That was the most missed

Week of April 4th – 7th2022-04-09T17:39:32-05:00

Week of March 28th – 31st


Tim;e has flown by and March is over already!!! We have one full month left and then review the month of May! This week our letter focus was on Ee, we continued reviewing the diamond

Week of March 28th – 31st2022-04-06T14:07:30-05:00

Week of March 14th – 17th


We had a fun week and even better that we had some decent spring weather finally making an appearance! The letter we focused on this week was Gg and continued our numbers 17, 18 and

Week of March 14th – 17th2022-03-18T17:29:06-05:00

March 7th – 10th


We had a great week with the letter Uu and had fun with all our themes each day! Monday: Underwater Adventures - The day started with practicing our names, phone numbers and addresses. Our centers

March 7th – 10th2022-03-11T18:25:37-06:00
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