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Week of January 17th – 20th


YAY! We were back in person this week! I hope it stays that way the rest of the year, but we can't control the shenanigans happening in the world around us! If we would ever

Week of January 17th – 20th2022-01-22T12:21:24-06:00

Week of January 10th – 14th


This week we were virtual and had Google Classroom. I have attached the link if you would like to review any items or check them out again. https://classroom.google.com/c/NDUxNjUyNTQ2MDE2?cjc=p2qqtl3 Please reach out if you have any

Week of January 10th – 14th2022-01-15T10:39:45-06:00

Week of January 3rd – 5th


Welcome back kiddies!!! We had a great start to the year and I see us having an awesome second half of the year! This week we covered the letter Ss, shape star and the numbers

Week of January 3rd – 5th2022-01-08T12:09:43-06:00

Week of December 13th – 16th


Holy Cow it's Christmas Break already!!! We had a great last week before break! The kids enjoyed their class party on Monday! Thank you to those that donated items for the party, we appreciate the

Week of December 13th – 16th2021-12-18T11:55:43-06:00

Week of December 6th – 9th


WOW! This week flew by faster than last...and we only have one more week together this year until break! We were busy this week working on the letter Jj and triangles. Monday: We had lots

Week of December 6th – 9th2021-12-11T17:31:15-06:00

Week of Nov. 29-30, Dec. 1-2


I can't believe we are already into December and then this first week FLEW by! The letters we are covering this month included Cc and Jj. Our numbers for the month are 11 and 12

Week of Nov. 29-30, Dec. 1-22021-12-04T14:37:18-06:00

Week of Nov. 15th – 17th


First off, thank you to all the parents for being understanding on ABC closing for a few days. We were there on Thursday wiping down and cleaning every classroom, big room, toys, supplies...all items that

Week of Nov. 15th – 17th2021-11-19T14:05:48-06:00

Week of Nov. 8th – 11th


This week we covered the letter Nn and continued with numbers 8, 9 and 10 and also had some activities with our shape the rectangle. Monday: Our theme for the day was Nifty Numbers and

Week of Nov. 8th – 11th2021-11-13T18:10:52-06:00

Week of Nov. 1st – 4th


November has begun and we started the month of covering the letter Zz. The numbers we will cover this month include 8,9, and 10, our shape for the month is a rectangle and the color

Week of Nov. 1st – 4th2021-11-06T15:45:58-05:00

Week of October 25th – 28th


We started off the week having our Halloween/Harvest Party on Monday. The students enjoyed wearing costumes to school and showing off their ideas to their classmates! During the party the kids got to decorate their

Week of October 25th – 28th2021-10-30T09:04:02-05:00
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