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Week of April 15th – 18th


We covered our second to last letter Qq this week and completed some King and Queen Day items. Also, we continued to review our numbers nineteen and twenty along with our shape the octagon. We

Week of April 15th – 18th2024-04-18T16:57:12-05:00

Week of April 8th – 11th


This week flew by with some fun Y activities throughout the week and taking our Graduation pictures on Monday! Graduation will be here before we know it! Once we get through King and Queen Day,

Week of April 8th – 11th2024-04-11T16:00:14-05:00

Week of April 2nd – 4th


I just counted and only 6 more weeks of school! WOW! And these next few weeks with lots of things happening, will make the days go by even faster! We only have three letters left

Week of April 2nd – 4th2024-04-03T17:20:44-05:00

Week of March 18th – 21st


This week flew by, and here we are at Spring Break already and when we return the rest of the school year is going to fly! We had fun this last week together of March

Week of March 18th – 21st2024-03-21T16:05:55-05:00

Week of March 11th -14th


This week we covered the letter Uu and had some good books and activities in our centers! One more week left before Spring Break. Then when we return our last full month of school and

Week of March 11th -14th2024-03-14T15:58:34-05:00

Week of March 4th – 7th


Week one of March is under our belts and we had some fun with Seuss activities and some other Gg things! Monday: Celebrating Seuss’ Birthday – Students came into a Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday Page.

Week of March 4th – 7th2024-03-07T15:57:54-06:00

Week of Feb. 26th – 29th


Crazy that February is over already! The month flew by for me and can’t believe we only have 3 months left of this school year! We had fun covering letter Dd and doing some fun

Week of Feb. 26th – 29th2024-02-29T16:25:18-06:00

Week of Feb. 19th – 22nd


We had lots of fun doing some Hh activities this week! A touch of some nice weather does not hurt also! I hope it continues so the kids can get outside for big room time!

Week of Feb. 19th – 22nd2024-02-22T16:02:31-06:00

Week of Feb. 12th – 15th


We had a great week with a party to start it off! Mid-February has come and gone, and we are cruising right along! We covered letter Vv this week. Monday: Valentine Party Day! Thank you

Week of Feb. 12th – 15th2024-02-15T16:03:19-06:00

Week of Feb. 5th – 8th


We had a great first full week of February and I hope that the Groundhog was true, and that spring will be coming soon! Here is our snapshot of the week: Monday: Letters to New

Week of Feb. 5th – 8th2024-02-07T15:28:08-06:00
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