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May 13 to 16


I can not believe the school year is already over.  It was such a joy to teach these 11 children.  They were all so fun, TALKATIVE, and full of positive energy. We spent the last

May 13 to 162024-05-16T16:52:14-05:00

May 6 to 9


Wow! I can't believe it is the end of the school year.  We have been learning about life cycles of butterflies, plants and frogs.  The class has been watching our class caterpillars grow, make chrysalis,

May 6 to 92024-05-09T15:04:20-05:00

April 22 to 25


This was a fast week due to school being canceled on Tuesday. On Monday, we focused on the letter K by making kites and listing "K" words.  We also did a spring kite drawing. On

April 22 to 252024-04-26T09:49:20-05:00

April 15th to 18th


This week was full of activity and excitement. On Monday we ended the day with time outside on the playground.  While the children were playing on the slide they discovered a mother duck sitting on

April 15th to 18th2024-04-18T19:37:06-05:00

April 2nd to 4th


I hope everyone had a nice spring break.  It was fun hearing the stories that the children told about their break and they enjoyed sharing their flat Stanleys . This week we concentrated on the

April 2nd to 4th2024-04-05T15:05:30-05:00

March 18th to 21st


Another fun and busy week for the children at ABC.  The focus of the week was "E" for egg, Easter and elephant. The highlight of the week was the show for the grandparents.  All the

March 18th to 21st2024-03-25T09:02:23-05:00

March 11th to 14th


This week we focused  on the letter "U", writing letters and numbers as well as graphing. On Monday, we went UNDER the sea.  The children heard an Eric Carle story about a hermit crab who

March 11th to 14th2024-03-15T14:13:22-05:00

March 4th to 7th


This week we highlighted both books by Dr. Seuss and the letter G. On Monday, the children heard the classic Dr. Seuss story The Cat and the Hat.  They decorated red and white hats and

March 4th to 7th2024-03-08T15:33:30-06:00

February 26th to 29th


D is for Dentist, D is for Dinosaur This week we focused on the letter D, number recognition and letter recognition, counting and the color purple. We read two Harold and the Purple Crayon books. 

February 26th to 29th2024-02-29T16:32:17-06:00

February 19th to 22nd


H is for Heart  H is for Hibernate H is for House On Monday, we started the week with H is for Heart.  The kids did some sink or float experiments using candy hearts, soda,

February 19th to 22nd2024-02-23T19:09:11-06:00
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