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March 20-23


We had a great week! We loved getting to see and celebrate our Grandparents this week! Thank you to everyone that came out! On Monday and Thursday we learned about the diamond(rhombus shape! We read

March 20-232023-03-23T15:25:22-05:00

Week of March 13-16


Hello! I hope this finds everyone well and having a great week! On Monday/Tuesday we focused on the Letter U. We read Under My Umbrella and finger stamped a unicorn card to pass on to

Week of March 13-162023-03-16T15:25:45-05:00

Week of March 6-10


We had a fun week! I hope the kids came home talking about things that start with the letters E and G!! On Mon/Tuesday we focused on the letter E. We read Elmer and the

Week of March 6-102023-03-10T15:40:47-06:00

Week of Feb 27- March 2


Hello! We had a great week! We rounded out Feb with the letter V and started March with the color Gray! On Mon/Tuesday we read I Want to be a Veterinarian. We also did our

Week of Feb 27- March 22023-03-02T15:30:22-06:00

Week of Feb 19-22


Hello! We started off the week the Letter L and  ended with the heart shape! We also had chapel this week where the teachers shared some of their favorite songs from growing up in church!

Week of Feb 19-222023-02-23T15:59:33-06:00

Week of Feb. 13-16


We started the week celebrating Valentines Day! The kids really enjoyed the party! Mrs. Colleen does a great job planning, and we are so Thankful for all of the parents who donate and volunteer! We

Week of Feb. 13-162023-02-16T15:40:23-06:00

Week of Feb 6-9


Hello! We had a great week! We worked on the letters D and H. Mon/Tues was letter D. We read If You Give a Dog a Donut and put Dinosaur tracks on the letter D.

Week of Feb 6-92023-02-09T15:33:23-06:00

Week of Jan 30- Feb 2


We had a great week! We rounded out January by working on the star shape and started February with a focus on the #6. Mon/Tues we worked on the Star. We read How to Catch

Week of Jan 30- Feb 22023-02-02T16:03:22-06:00

Week of Jan 23-26


Hello! We had a great week! Mon/Tue we worked on the letter X. This is one of the most recognized letters so hopefully all the kids came home telling you about it! We read Pete

Week of Jan 23-262023-01-25T20:40:54-06:00

Week of January 16-19


Hello! Here’s a sneak peak into our week. Mon/Tuesday we worked on the letter W. We read The Watermelon Seed and used watercolor paints on a winter mitten. In our centers we colored our W

Week of January 16-192023-01-19T17:28:55-06:00
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