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January 18- January 20


This week we celebrated the letter Ii! Tuesday we had an igloo day. We counted ice cubes and recreated our own igloos using the same number of cubes. We wrote out letter Ii and even

January 18- January 202022-01-22T15:17:20-06:00

January 11- January 13


Our letter of the week was Ss ! We had so many fun days planned for the letter Ss. Tuesday was Sneezy snowman day! We read the book which the kids loved and had our

January 11- January 132022-01-15T16:05:36-06:00

January 4- January 6


WELCOME BACK! This week we learned about the letter Ww. Tuesday was our welcome back day. I kept things pretty light and used this as more of a review day since it was our first

January 4- January 62022-01-09T11:43:48-06:00

December 14- December 16


What a week!! We still focused on our letters Cc and Jj while also mixing in lots of Christmas fun. Tuesday was all about Christmas trees. We sorted our Christmas tree alphabet, counted ornaments on

December 14- December 162021-12-18T20:11:34-06:00

December 7- December 9


With Christmas right around the corner, we learned all about the letter Cc this week. Tuesday was Cc for Candycane kindness. We talked about the meaning behind the candy cane and used that to shape

December 7- December 92021-12-11T17:27:26-06:00

November 30- December 2


I am so happy to be back with the class this week! We learned all about the letter Jj. Tuesday was our thanksgiving party make up. I think the kids had lots of fun playing

November 30- December 22021-12-06T13:47:33-06:00

November 16-18


It was an unexpected short week but we made the most of the time we had! This week was all about the letter Tt . Tt for Turkeys, transportation, and triangles. Tuesday was turkey Tuesday!

November 16-182021-11-19T21:10:30-06:00

November 9-11


Zz is for Zebra, zigzag, zipper, and zoo!!! What a full and fun week we had. We learned all about the letter Zz this week. How to write it, what sound it makes, and what

November 9-112021-11-13T18:06:28-06:00

November 2-4


Happy November! We are working hard every day and I’m so proud of all the progress the class has made so far! This week we learned about the letter Nn. We had noodle necklace day,

November 2-42021-11-08T02:17:48-06:00

October 26-28


Hello families! It was so nice to see some of you at the party this week! I hope all the kids had a great time. For our focus this week we talked about the letter

October 26-282021-10-31T08:27:02-05:00
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