Week of May 13-16


I can’t believe it’s over! It seems like yesterday all those little kids entered the classroom with tears  and fears; and now they are leaving big and confident… I am so glad I got to

Week of May 13-162024-05-16T15:45:30-05:00

Week of May 6-9


Hello! It is so good to be back! I heard the kids were great while I was gone! I am lucky to have such a great bunch! We had a lot going on this week

Week of May 6-92024-05-09T16:02:52-05:00

Week of April 22-24


Hello. Kind of a different week at school this week. Thank for being so flexible and understanding with the changes we had to make. Monday we worked on the letter Q! We read about the

Week of April 22-242024-04-25T15:42:06-05:00

Week of April 15-18


Hello! We had a great week! Our caterpillars arrived this week and we are watching the process of them turning to Butterflies! On Monday/Tuesday we worked on the Letter K. We read Kite Day and

Week of April 15-182024-04-19T08:33:34-05:00

Week of April 8-11


Hello! We had a great week! We worked on Letters Y and B and the color yellow. Mon/Tuesday we had graduation pictures and worked on the Letter Y. We made a yellow sunshine craft and

Week of April 8-112024-04-11T15:19:10-05:00

Week of April 2-4


Welcome Back!  I hope you had a restful break and a blessed Easter!  We are now in the home stretch of the school year! Tuesday/Wed. We did Easter related activities in the classroom and we

Week of April 2-42024-04-04T15:35:54-05:00

Week of March 18-21


Hello! We had a great week celebrating our Grandparents! Thank you to all the Grandparents that came out and made the event a success! We appreciate you! Grandparents Events were Tuesday/Wednesday. On Monday and Thursday

Week of March 18-212024-03-21T15:57:04-05:00

Week of March 11-14


Hello! We had a great week! We focused on the Rhombus (diamond) shape, the letter G, and the color Green! Monday/ Tuesday we worked on The Rhombus shape. We read Pete The Cat- Go Pete

Week of March 11-142024-03-14T16:14:39-05:00

Week of March 4-7


Hello! I can’t believe we are in the first week of March! This year is flying by! We started our week with Dr.Seuss. We read The Cat in the Hat and Green Eggs and Ham.

Week of March 4-72024-03-07T15:37:25-06:00

Week of Feb. 26-29


Hello! I hope you are enjoying the sunshine! This week we worked on The Letter L and wore Pink and Purple. Monday/Tuesday we worked on the Letter L. We read The Grouchy Ladybug and made

Week of Feb. 26-292024-02-29T15:35:47-06:00
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