January 17-20


Hello! We had another fun filled week of learning! On Monday/Tuesday we focused on the colors Black and White. So many students wore black and white to school- it was awesome! We made a snow

January 17-202022-01-22T12:26:55-06:00

Week of January 10-13


Hello! I hope it’s been a good week for all of you! This week we focused on the X and the star shape. We spent a lot of time on progress reports but we had

Week of January 10-132022-01-15T10:38:35-06:00

Week of January 3-6


Happy New Year! Welcome back! Sometimes this week can be hard for kids to come back after a long break, but all the kids did awesome this week!! It was so nice to be back

Week of January 3-62022-01-08T12:05:46-06:00

Dec 13-16


Hello!  What a fun week we had playing games and celebrating the birth of Jesus! I’m still amazed we are starting Christmas Break! This time has gone so fast!! On Monday/Tuesday we had our Christmas

Dec 13-162021-12-18T11:50:12-06:00

Week of Dec 6-8


Hello! What a week! I think we tried to cram a lot into one week!! We got a lot done and the kids did great with the crazy schedules! On Mon/ Tues we read The

Week of Dec 6-82021-12-11T17:32:15-06:00

Week of Nov 29-Dec 2


Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your Families! It was nice to be back in the classroom this week! On Mon/Tues we celebrated our Thanksgiving parties. Better late than never! We

Week of Nov 29-Dec 22021-12-04T14:38:15-06:00

Week of November 15-18


This week we learned the difference between a square and rectangle and counting to 3 and what 3 looks like as a group. Mon/Tuesday We made a rectangle robot and listened to The Little Train”

Week of November 15-182021-11-19T13:59:33-06:00

Week of November 8-11


Another fun filled week in Preschool! I hope the kids came home telling you lots of words that start with the letter T and Z! On Mon/Tues we focused on the letter T. We made

Week of November 8-112021-11-13T18:05:53-06:00

Week of November 1-4


Hello! I can’t believe it’s the first week of November already! This week we focused on the Letter N and the color brown. Mon/Tue we read Night Time Ninja and made a birds nest which

Week of November 1-42021-11-06T15:40:18-05:00

October 25-28


Hello! We had a great time celebrating at our Harvest Parties this week! Thank you to everyone who came out to help and sent in treats! I loved seeing all the costumes!! On Mon/Tuesday we

October 25-282021-10-30T09:02:58-05:00
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