May 17- May 19


What a year !! I am so proud of all of the kids. They have grown and come so far . We tried to end this school year as fun as possible with celebrating our

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April 19 – April 21


This week was all about the letter Kk. Our second to last letter of the alphabet ! We’re almost there guys!!   Tuesday was Kk for kites and kindness . We practicied writing our letter

April 19 – April 212022-05-03T07:24:20-05:00

April 12- April 14


Letter Yy week. I have to be honest, this week is hard . It’s a struggle to find fun things to do with the letter Yy but I tried my best!! Tuesday was Yy is

April 12- April 142022-04-15T10:53:11-05:00

April 5- April 7


We learned all about the letter Bb this week. Tuesday was B for bugs! We read books about bugs and their life cycles. Then for centers they got to build their own beehives following the

April 5- April 72022-04-09T19:05:26-05:00

March 29- March 31


letter Ee week! This week I was out of town but Mrs. Laura taught the class all about the letter Ee. Tuesday was E for elephants. They have little elephants with numbers on them and

March 29- March 312022-04-09T19:04:04-05:00

March 15- March 17


We made it through letter Gg week! We did so many fun things with the letter Gg plus even got outside to enjoy the beautiful weather .   Tuesday was G for growing and gardens

March 15- March 172022-03-18T17:25:19-05:00

March 8- March 10


We celebrated the letter Uu this week! We teach that the letter Uu makes the “ uh” sound . So we had, underwater day, a good day for Up, and Unicorns and umbrella day!  

March 8- March 102022-03-11T18:20:54-06:00

March 1-3


We took this week off from focusing on specific letters and celebrated Dr Seuss’ birthday! Tuesday was our Cat in the Hat day. We focused a lot on rhyming this week since that is a

March 1-32022-03-07T21:18:46-06:00

February 22- February 24


What an exciting week we had learning about the letter Dd. Tuesday and Wednesday were Dd for Dinosaurs. We had so much fun hatching our very own dinosaurs and watching them grow. Each kid got

February 22- February 242022-02-28T12:51:48-06:00

February 15 – February 17


Hello families!! This week we learned all about the letter Vv. It is an unexpected short week but we made the most of the two days we had! Tuesday we were still celebrating Valentine’s Day.

February 15 – February 172022-02-18T09:41:00-06:00
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