Jan 30- Feb 1


Letter Xx week   Tuesday was x for X-ray. For centers we used magnifying glasses to match animal X-rays to their animal body. Used qtips as “bones” to make tally marks, and practiced writing the

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January 23-25


Letter Ii week Tuesday was actually an e-learning day. I was so happy to see all of the work that was done in our Google classroom. It looks like everyone was able to log in

January 23-252024-02-12T17:05:25-06:00

November 14- November 16


The terrific letter Tt   Tt is for Turkey so Tuesday was Turkey day! We used Turkey clip cards to figure out what letters made what sound. The Turkey was holding an Hh and had

November 14- November 162023-11-28T11:52:41-06:00

November 7- November 9


The nifty letter Nn Noodle necklace day! We started off our letter Nn week making noodle necklaces . The class did such a good job stringing the noodles on the ribbon, I was very impressed!

November 7- November 92023-11-10T08:01:13-06:00

October 31- Nov 2


We had an extra week in November before we started our monthly letters. So we took this opportunity to focus on some other special prek things like shapes and colors! Tuesday we had a pretend

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October 24- October 26


Pp is for …   Pumpkin! We had so much pumpkin fun on Tuesday. The class got to create their own name pumpkin. They got to write their name, cut apart the pumpkin, and then

October 24- October 262023-10-28T12:28:04-05:00

October 3- October 5


Happy fall everyone! We welcomed October with the letter Ff. Tuesday was Ff is for frog day. I have so many fun frog activities and I couldn’t wait to share them. To continue our work

October 3- October 52023-10-05T17:58:47-05:00

September 26-September 28


Mm is for Muffins! Tuesday was all about muffins . We read the book If You Give a Moose a Muffin and had so much fun using that for our centers. The kids got to

September 26-September 282023-10-03T06:57:32-05:00

Sept 19- Sept 21


A is for … Astronauts! Tuesday the kids became ABC astronauts. They used moon rocks to show numbers in tens frames, wrote rocket letters and created an art project with them as astronauts. We used

Sept 19- Sept 212023-09-22T08:36:35-05:00

Sept 12- Sept 14


It’s Apple week ! Apple week is one of my favorites all year. We have so many fun activities using apples.   Tuesday we started off with some apple name trees. The class got to

Sept 12- Sept 142023-09-14T19:28:08-05:00
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