March 14- March 16


This week was all about the letter Gg and what fun themes we had!! Tuesday was growing gardens. We had so much fun using flowers to help practice one to one counting and fine motor.

March 14- March 162023-03-16T16:33:29-05:00

March 7- March 9


The extraordinary letter Ee ! On Tuesday we used elephants to help us learn all about the letter Ee. The kids got to use links to create elephant trunks according to the number on the

March 7- March 92023-03-11T10:17:23-06:00

February 28- March 2


Learning all about the dynamic letter Dd! Tuesday was Dental day! We had some fun centers that’s included writing letters on teeth and erasing with toothbrushes, using pipe cleaners, blocks and playdoh to practice flossing

February 28- March 22023-03-06T13:12:01-06:00

February 21-23


Hh is for, hearts, hair and hats, and home sweet home! Tuesday was all about hearts! We put hearts together with upper and lower case letters AND a picture that starts with that letter. They

February 21-232023-03-01T21:08:05-06:00

February 14 – February 16


Oh what fun we had for letter Vv week! Tuesday we celebrated Valentine’s Day by using that as our theme for centers. We had valentines addition and tens frames for our math, valentines beginning letter

February 14 – February 162023-02-19T10:24:15-06:00

February 7-February 9


The lovely letter Ll . Tuesday we learned about the letter Ll using the theme of lovebugs! We used dice and a template for the kids to roll and draw a love bug. If they

February 7-February 92023-02-13T21:55:11-06:00

Jan 31- February 2


Extraordinary letter Xx Tuesday was Xx for X-ray. The class got to use magnifying glasses to look and explore animal X-rays. Then he had to use what they saw to match the X-ray to the

Jan 31- February 22023-02-06T10:44:37-06:00

January 24-26


This was letter Ii week, And we had so much fun.   Tuesday was Ii for igloo. The class got to count and build their own igloos using reusable ice cubes, made a polar bear

January 24-262023-01-31T12:04:47-06:00

January 17-19


Wonderful letter Ww ! Tuesday was our winter wonderland day. We learned about winter animals, made name snowmen, did snowball letter matching, and practiced some winter patterning . We also used a snowman coloring page

January 17-192023-01-23T07:08:24-06:00

January 10-12


Welcome Back!! Thank you to everyone who participated in our E learning day! But we are so excited to have been back in person! This week we learned about the letter Ss. Wednesday was all

January 10-122023-01-18T11:47:05-06:00
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