Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter P! Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Pretend Pizza Party. In centers the kids followed recipe cards to make a pizza (out of felt), they counted pizzas and cut and glued the correct number, and they colored by shape on a pizza. In afternoon centers, the kids put beads on the letters P and O that were different sizes, made shapes with geo boards, and did a pizza color by number. We finished the day by playing a few learning games. One is called Kids On Stage, the kids have to act out what is on the card they pick. The other is an alphabet soup game where I hide things that start with the letter of the month (P for this week) behind numbers on the calendar. The kids have to tell me the number the picture is hiding behind. Both games are a good challenge and always fun!

On Wednesday our theme was Pumpkins. We had a great time at our Harvest Party in the morning! The kids rotated through games, a snack, and decorating their treat bags. We ended the party with the kids trick or treating outside. In the afternoon we did fun centers. The kids counted candy corn on to a monster to make his teeth, they put candy corn on letters, and we played ‘find the spider in the pumpkin.’ I showed them a card and they had to tell me what the number, color and shape on the card was, then they could open a pumpkin to see if a spider was inside. We finished the day by putting stickers on our mini pumpkins and finishing up our pumpkin pin poke project that we had started earlier in centers. I hope you all saw the fun class picture we took that I posted on Group Me!

On Thursday our theme was Pajamas and Popcorn. In centers the kids spun a spinner and counted spiders on to a stick, they matched upper and lowercase letters on pumpkins and seeds, and they pulled popcorn letters out of a container and wrote the letters. In the afternoon, instead of doing centers again, we did a ‘write the room’ activity. I put different monsters around the room with their color written under them. The kids had to find each monster and write the color on their sheet of paper that corresponded with the monster. When they were finished writing, they colored all of the monsters the correct color. They all did a great job forming all of those letters. We ended the day by watching Spookley the Square Pumpkin and eating popcorn. It was a fun and exhausting week!

Next week is November already! The first week we will be talking about the letter N.

Take Care,