Hello families! It was so nice to see some of you at the party this week! I hope all the kids had a great time.

For our focus this week we talked about the letter Pp.

Tuesday was our pretend pizza party! The kids had to make their own “alphabet pizzas”. They had to match the letters on their favorite pizza topping to the letter on their pizzas. We did a creative writing center where they wrote their favorite kind of pizza and got to draw a picture of it. They also got to create their own pizza while following “recipe cards” to help with number recognition.

Wednesday was party day!! In the morning we had some fun with some spooky centers. We counted spiders, made spider letters, and did some spider sequencing from smallest to largest!

Thursday was P for pumpkins! They got to decorate pumpkins with stickers, matched pumpkin  letters in a pumpkin patch, and made a Spookly pumpkin craft . Of course that then tied in our movie in the afternoon. So much fun to hang out in our pjs and watch Spookly the Square Pumpkin with some popcorn!

The letter focus for the month of October is – O, F, R, and P

The number focus for the month of October is- 4,5,6, and 7

The shape for the month of October is- Square

The color focus for the month of October is – Orange