We had a great first week of school! The first day we got to know each other and had our first circle time. We did the pledge of allegiance, went over our classroom jobs, and did the calendar and weather for the day. We even read a story about the first day of school. For morning centers, we practiced writing our names. For phonics, we had to match the capitals letters. For math, we played a counting caterpillar game and we also counted how many letters are in our names. In afternoon centers, we did our first day handprints, played with kinetic sand, wrote letters and shapes on our writing boards, and counted and sorted bears. To end the day we took our first day back to school pictures and read a couple of stories. It was great to finally have our class together and get to know your kids!

Wednesday’s theme was All About Me. We started the day tracing our names. This is a skill I am hoping improves each week. For morning centers, they drew themselves while looking into mirrors. They had so much fun with this! For phonics, we had to match the lowercase letters. For math, we played picture counting dominoes. We also did some cutting for the first time today. They cut out the letters of their name and made a puzzle. Please be practicing these puzzles at home 🙂 In afternoon centers, we drew our family and counted how many people are in our families. They also did lacing cards and beginning letter cards. We also started an all about me book. To end the day we shared some All About Me pages that you did at home with the class and then we went outside to play!

Thursday’s theme was also All About Me. We started the day tracing numbers. For morning centers, we finished our all about me books. They were excited to take these home and show you! We played an alpha-pops game where they had to match the upper and lower case letters. We also made pictures with tangrams and practiced cutting zig zags. We had our first art class today and we made pencils! They wrote their names and then glued all of pieces of the pencil together. These are our first projects that are now hanging in our hallway! To end the day, we finished sharing the all about me pages that they made at home and read a couple more stories.

I can’t wait for next week. The theme is Pete the Cat and we are going to have so much fun learning and playing!