This week we focused on the letter Kk. 

On Tuesday, we focused on the theme of Knights & Kings. For morning centers, we did a knight patterning page, did the Kk says/k/ page, practiced writing our ABCs and knight words, and made a “surprise”. For afternoon centers, we practiced tracing/writing the letter Kk, made another “surprise”, made the letter Kk out of tanagram blocks and practiced our addresses. At the end of the day, we cut and pasted together pieces to make a knight.

On Wednesday, we focused on the theme of kindness & kites. For morning centers, we counted the number of kites on a card and clipped a clothespin on the correct number, cut out pieces and made a kite, did a “I can be kind by….” creative writing, and matched upper- and lower-case ABCs with a kite theme. In the afternoon, we finished our kites and a couple of “surprises.” At the end of the day, we read a couple of books on kindness. 

On Thursday, we focused on the theme of “Earth Day/Recycling”. For morning art, we made an “I Love Earth” Earth Day project. For afternoon centers, we played an I-Spy earth day game, colored an Earth Day color-by-number, did a Kk is for kangaroo phonics page and played an Earth Day-Happy/Sad earth game. At the end of the day, we got to watch a video about garbage trucks and recycling. Then we got to listen to Mrs. Trish talk about how to recycle different things. Finally, we got to go outside and “kick” recyclables to the trash bin. We had a great time!!!!

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi