Hi Parents,

We had a great week learning about the letter K! Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday we had our ELearning day. I hope everyone tried at least 1 of the activities posted!

On Wednesday our theme was ‘Kites.’ In morning centers, the kids counted and clipped clothes pins on to kite strings, (The kite had the number on it.), they cut and glued a kite, and they cut and glued the life cycle of a butterfly in the correct order. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, zoo phonics, sign language, and math/science. This was our last week of specials. The kids will show off what they learned at graduation!

Thursday was our Earth Day celebration. In morning centers, the kids worked on an earth day look and find, they completed a color by letter, and they matched pictures that showed how we can be kind to the earth i.e., picking up trash, planting trees, conserving water, etc. They also picked up ‘trash’ (letters) off the floor and practiced writing them. In the afternoon we did art. The kids cut and glued together the earth and glued a heart on top. These turned out cute and came home! We ended our day by talking about recycling and taking care of the earth. The kids cleaned up the school lawn by kicking the trash to the trash bins so it could be recycled. The weather was perfect for being outside!

Next week we will start reviewing all of the letters. Don’t forget, Tuesday is our rescheduled King and Queen day. 1 of my favorites!

Take Care,