This week was K week. Tuesday was Google classroom day. I hope you all enjoyed the activities and videos posted for your child. Thank you for understanding!

Wednesday was kite day. We started the day coloring a kite. We also talked about Kind acts during circle time. In centers, we counted beads and put them onto number kites, did a Knights pattern page, practiced writing upper and lowercase K’s, did our K cutting page, and colored a picture for King and Queen Day. For our last day of Specials, we watched the Zoo Phonics video and played charades with the Zoo Phonics cards. At the end of the day, we did our April coloring sample and made Kites with triangles.

Thursday we celebrated Earth Day and Audrey’s birthday. We started the day coloring a reduce reuse recycle page. We talked about what makes the Earth happy and sad during circle time. In morning centers, we did an ISPY Earth Day game, cut kite strings to practice cutting on wavy lines, K tangrams, a color by letter, and did an Earth Day art project with colored squares. In afternoon centers, we did a Q-tip painting, played with Kinetic Sand, traced the alphabet and Knight words, and wrote about what we would do to be a Kind kid. At the end of the day we talked about recycling and went outside to kick the trash and put them into the recycling bin.

See you next week for the start of our alphabet review and our last month, May!