Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter Kk. Here’s a snap shot…

Tuesday was King and Queen Day! Thank you to everyone who came, it’s one of my favorite events that we do. The kids love making you feel special. In afternoon centers the kids rolled a dice and filled 10 frames with jewels, they cut and glued jewels on to crowns, and they hole punched a gold crown. We had enough time at the end of the day to play ‘hey riddle riddle’ for the letter Q and to cut and glue a sheet spelling out ‘queen.’

On Wednesday our theme was Quarters. In morning centers, the kids finished patterns with magnetic coins, they worked on a sheet all about quarters, and they rubbed crayons over quarters on to the letter Q to make the imprint of the coin. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials where they learn Spanish, science/math, sign language, and zoo phonics. This was the last time we will do specials this year. We ended the day by doing fun play centers while I painted their hands to put on their graduation hats.

On Thursday our theme was Quilts. In morning centers, the kids counted marked number cards with erasers, they practiced writing the letters K and Q, and they weaved a quilt with paper. This was a great challenge for them, and they all did great! I sent those home and also posted a picture on Group Me. In afternoon centers, the kids made letters with pattern blocks, used kinetic sand with cookie cutters and colored and cut a letter Q puzzle and then glued it back together. We ended the day with art and made a quilt as a class! Each student had a square and they cut and glued colorful paper however they wanted on the square. I taped them all to a larger piece of paper to make our quilt. I love doing this project every year, they always turn out so different! Even Mrs. Christy made a quilt square this year. She and I both posted pictures of the quilt on Group Me.

I can’t believe next week is already May. We spend the entire month reviewing all of the letters.

As always let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take Care,