This week was B week and we celebrated Kaleb’s birthday. Tuesday was B is for bugs. We started the day writing our first and last names. We had graduation pictures. In morning centers, we wrote upper and lowercase B, played a letter bags game with letter sounds, a bug patterns page, and started our bug book. In afternoon centers, we continued with our bug books, did a color by number, played with pop it bubbles, and building blocks. For art, we made hand print butterflies and painted our king and queen frames. We ended the day with story time.

Wednesday was Brown Bear Day. We started the day finding all the B’s. During circle time, we read the Brown Bear book. For centers, we did a brown bear writing page about what they see, traced and colored the brown bear colors, played a roll and cover bear game, and counted and sorted bears. For Specials, we practiced our Zoo Phonics song and played animal motion and letter sound charades. At the end of the day we did our B cutting page and had story time.

Thursday was Butterfly day. We started the day coloring butterflies. During circle time, we went over the butterfly life cycle, starting from an egg to a caterpillar to a chrysalis to a butterfly! In morning centers, we did a butterfly writing page where they wrote where they would fly to if they were a butterfly, did a B and D partners page, played with pattern blocks, and built with building blocks. In afternoon centers, we did a butterfly life cycle page, rolled dice and put that many butterflies on a leaf, did a color by shape butterfly, and strung beads to make bracelets. At the end of the day, we learned how to draw a butterfly and did makeup work from the week. We ended the day with story time.

See you next week for Q week! Queen, Quarters, and Quilts