Hi Parents,

We had a great week learning about the letter C! Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Clouds. In morning centers, the kids actually spent a lot of their time working on special Christmas things, which will come home next week. They did have one center where they put clouds (cotton balls) on shapes and letters. In afternoon centers the kids finished a Christmas tree cut and glue page, played with LEGO’s, and used Christmas cookie cutters withe kinetic sand. We ended the day with play practice!

On Wednesday our theme was “If you give a mouse a cookie.” In morning centers, the kids matched letters on cookies with the pictures that made the beginning sounds, they worked on a pattern cut and glue page, and they wrote and drew on a creative writing page that will also come home next week with their Christmas gifts. In the afternoon the kids finished a color by letter page, made letters with pattern blocks, and built with blocks. We ended our day by reading the book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie” and then had the chance to eat cookies. The kids loved having a special snack in the afternoon!

On Thursday our theme was Candy Canes. In morning centers, the kids used erasers to do Christmas graphing, they put stripes on candy canes using paper clips, and they made candy canes with beads on pipe cleaners. In the afternoon we had a full rehearsal for the play. We ended the day by playing with toys in the big room.

Next week we will be celebrating Christmas all week. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas play on Tuesday! It is my favorite thing we do for parents!!! Enjoy your weekend.

Take Care,