This week we focused on the letter Cc. We talked about the sound the letter Cc makes and words that begin with the letter Cc. We came up with clouds, cookie, candy canes, cake, cat, car and Christmas.

On Tuesday, we focused on the theme of clouds and counting. For start-up, we did a find the letter Cc page. For morning centers, we traced our numbers 1-20 on cloud themed cards and counted out that many cotton balls for that number, did a Cc says /c/ cutting page, did a cloud creative writing page, and made shape clouds out of cotton balls. For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote the letter Cc, finished our Christmas cards, did a find the letter Cc page, and did a cc letter review page. At the end of the day, we made a snowman ornament.

On Wednesday, we focused on the theme of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. For start-up, we colored a color by number mouse page.  For morning centers, we did a cookie number matching activity, did a gingerbread roll and cover page, matched beginning sounds with a cookie themed activity, and used clothespins to clip the right number of chocolate chips on cookie themed clip cards. In the afternoon, we had play practice. At the end of the day, we ate a cookie with frosting and sprinkles.

On Thursday, we focused on the theme of candy canes. For start-up, we colored a candy cane. For morning art, we worked on a “surprise”. For afternoon centers, we counted beads to match the number on the candy cane, did a candy cane out of fingerprints to a candy cane poem, wrote our ABCS with candy canes in salt trays, and made a candy cane ornament out of red and white beads. At the end of the day, we decorated our gift bags with a cutout Christmas tree.

Next week is our last week that we will be in school for the year of 2022. We will be having our Christmas play on Wednesday, December 21st at 12:30 and having our Christmas PJ day on Thursday, December 22nd. If you have any questions, please contact me.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi