Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter J! Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Jellybeans. In morning centers, the kids counted jellybeans into jars, they colored, cut and glued jellybeans, and they used our new light tables! Since it was sort of a dreary day, for afternoon centers, we used all light up things. We used the light tables again, lite brites, and light up boards that you can draw on. It was a really fun afternoon! We ended the day by doing our monthly name writing and drawing.

On Wednesday our theme was Jumping for Jesus. In morning centers, the kids spun a giant wheel with numbers and popped pop-its with the same numbers on them, they worked on a color by letter, and they made jumping J’s. In afternoon centers, the kids used kinetic sand on ‘J is for Jesus’ mats, built with LEGO’s, and finished their color by letter sheets. We ended the day by jumping over jump ropes in the foyer.

On Thursday our theme was Jingle bells. In morning centers, the kids spun a spinner and counted bells on to magna tiles, they traced shapes and put beads on them, and they used jingle bells with magnet wands. In afternoon centers the kids finished their pattern papers from morning centers and then had a chance to build with connectors, play with minions, or use the magnet wands with bells again. The kids also had their first Christmas play practice, so we ended our day with toys in the big room.

Next week we will talk about the letter C. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,