This week we learned about the letter Jj. We talked about the sound the letter Jj makes and words that begin with the letter Jj. We came up with jellyfish, Jesus, jam, jeep, and jump.

On Tuesday, we focused on the theme of jellybeans. For morning centers, we graphed the colors of jellybeans, made a “surprise”, traced/wrote the letter Jj, and used clothespins to clip the right number of jellybeans in the jar. For afternoon centers, we measured with jellybeans, did a find the letter Jj page, made letter Jj with Legos, and practiced writing our names. At the end of the day, we decorated gifts bags for all the “surprises” we are making.

On Wednesday, we focused on Jesus. For morning centers, we sequenced baby Jesus from smallest to largest, did a nativity sticker scene, did a gift for Jesus creative writing, and used tanagram blocks to make the nativity picture on the page. In the afternoon, we started our play practices. We also colored a nativity color-by-number. At the end of the day, we colored a gingerbread “Jesus Loves Me” page.

On Thursday, we focused on the theme of jingle bells. For morning art, we finished up a “surprise” and our nativity scenes. For afternoon centers, we made ten frames out of jingle bells, did our Jj says /j/ page, made another “surprise”, and sorted jingle bells with tongs. At the end of the day, we finished up some of the “surprises” that needed to get done. 

Please start working with your child by letting him/her put on their own coats and start practicing zipping them. With winter coming up, this will be a great skill for them to do on their own.

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi