Hi Parents,

We had a great week with the letter J! Unfortunately, I was out sick all week, but I know the kids had a great time with Mrs. Laura. Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday the theme was Jellybeans. Our schedule was a little different, the St. John K-9 visited our school in the morning. So fun to have a chance to meet the new pup and see her play ‘hide and seek.’ Once the dog left, the kids were able to rotate through centers. The kids counted jellybeans into jars, cut and colored jellybeans, and colored both the upper and lowercase j’s in a ‘jar.’ In the afternoon, they played a game called ‘hey riddle, riddle.’ Pictures of objects that start with the letter J were put up on the wall and then a riddle was read to the class. The kids had to figure out what object was being talked about and stand by it. The kids loved it, so I’ll be doing with more letters in the future!

On Wednesday the theme was Jumping for Jesus. In morning centers, the kids jumped little plastic jumpy frogs on to UNO cards and said the numbers, they worked on a ‘Jesus’ themed play dough mat, and they made jumping J’s! These will come home after they hang in the hall for a bit. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, sign language, science/math, and zoo phonics. They ended the day with Christmas play practice. I can’t wait for you to see how cute the play is!

On Thursday the theme was Jingle Bells. In morning centers, the kids made a Christmas tree with magna tiles and then counted bells on to them, they colored and cut out a giant light bulb and then hung it in our classroom, and they used jingle bells with magnet wands. In afternoon centers the kids, put bells in bottles with tweezers, played with plastic link circles, and decorated a Christmas card for you! The kids ended the day with art and painted a picture of bells with q-tips.

I have missed being at school and am really looking forward to being back next week!

Take Care,