This week we learned about the letter C. We started the week with counting and clouds day on Tuesday. To start the day they had to find all the C’s. In morning centers, we did our December writing sample, painted our hands to make ornaments, practiced writing Cc’s, counted cotton balls to make clouds, and did our C cutting page. In the afternoon, we had play practice. The kids are so excited to perform for you next Tuesday! We made foam snowman ornaments to end the day and had story time.

Wednesday was “If you give a Mouse a Cookie” day. We started the day writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we wrote about what we would do if we had a cookie, matched upper and lower case letters on cookies, made Santa beards with cotton balls, and made our snow globe ornaments. In the afternoon, we started making our Christmas bags and Christmas cards for moms and dads. We also did a mouse color by letter page. At the end of the day, we had cookies! The kids got to frost them and put sprinkles on them. They looked delicious!

Thursday was Candy Cane Kindness Day! We started the day coloring candy canes. In morning centers, we wrote about what we are asking for Christmas, did our C letter review page, did candy cane patterns, and made red and white beaded candy cane ornaments. In art class, we made popsicle stick Rudolph. They turned out so cute! At the end of the day we finished our bags and cards and made sure we had all our ornaments done for you!

Get ready to celebrate Christmas next week with our Christmas play and Christmas sweaters on Tuesday and PJ day, Grinch movie, and gift exchange on Thursday! Can’t wait to celebrate with my kids 🙂