This week we learned about the letter J. Tuesday was J is for jellybean day. We started the day reading books with friends. In morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase J’s on dry erase boards, graphed jellybeans, and finished cutting our zig zags. In afternoon centers, we did a jellybean measuring page, wrote J’s in quick kits, wrote letters to mom and dad, and colored a jellybean page. In art, we made our Rudolph canvases. To end the day, we had story time.

Wednesday was Jumping for Jesus day. We started the day practicing writing our first names. In morning centers, we wrote about what we would give Jesus as a gift, found upper and lowercase J’s, continued with our Rudolph canvases, and played in a sensory bin. In afternoon centers, we did our J cutting page, put jellybeans on J, played with Pop its, and laced lacing cards. We ended the day with some jumping for Jesus fun!

Thursday was Jolly Jingle Bells day. We started the day playing with toys. In morning centers, we did our J letter review page, started our snow globe ornaments, did a shapes puzzle, and played with letter construction pieces. In the afternoon, we had play practice. To end the day, we played with friends and did any unfinished work and ornaments. We will see you next week for C week!