This week we learned about the letter J. Tuesday was J is for jellybeans day. We started the day coloring jellybeans in a jar. This was an awesome day since we had a police officer and K-9 visit. The kids loved it! In centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase J, made our wood ornaments, counted jellybeans, and measured with jellybeans. At the end of the day we cut out jellybeans, colored them, and glued them in a jar. We also had story time.

Wednesday was Jumping for Jesus day. We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. For centers, we wrote about what we would give Jesus for his birthday, practiced writing J’s and cut out pictures that start with J. We also made patterns with Christmas lights and cut out ribbon the size of us for one of our ornaments. For specials we learned our new Zoophonics letter, motion, and animal. We also watched the Zoophonics video with the whole alphabet. At the end of the day, we had play practice for our Christmas play coming up. Ours is December 20th at 12:30. Can’t wait for this!

Thursday was Jingle Bell Joy day. We started the day finding J’s. We celebrated Bree’s birthday! For centers, we did our J letter review page, made our names in Christmas lights, found numbers before and after on number lines, and made Christmas trees with push pins. For art, we made our stained glass with tissue paper and glued together popsicle sticks for our nativity ornament. These are going to be awesome! We ended the day with story time and treasure box. Next week we will learn about the letter C, counting clouds, give a mouse a cookie, and candy cane kindness! We will also have more play practice next week 🙂 See you Tuesday!