This week we focused on the letter Vv. We talked about the sound the letter Vv makes and words that begin with the letter Vv.  We came up with valentine, violin, violet, van, vegetable, vanilla, van and vulture.

On Tuesday, we focused on the theme of Valentine’s. For start-up, we colored a Happy Valentine’s Day puppy. For morning centers, we worked on a heart themed subitizing activity, made a Valentine’s Day card, practiced writing the letter Vv in different sizes, and worked on a Valentine’s themed clip cards. For afternoon centers, we made valentine’s themed objects out of snap cubes, traced/wrote the letter Vv, made 10 frames out of candy hearts, and played a Valentine’s monster count and cover game. At the end of the day, we did a heart counting 1-20 worksheet.

On Wednesday, we focused more on the theme of Valentine’s. For start-up, we found the letter Vv. For morning centers, we played a flip and find to 100 game, did our Vv says /v/ cutting page, matched upper and lower-case ABCs with a heart theme, and decorated our bags for the valentines. In the afternoon, we passed out our Valentine’s goodies and had our Valentine’s Day party. We had a great time!!!

On Thursday, we focused on the theme of veggies. For start-up, we practiced tracing/writing our first and last names. For art in the morning, we painted with veggies. For afternoon centers, we played a veggie I-spy game, cut and pasted veggie pictures on the letter Vv, did our February monthly writing/drawing, and worked together to solve veggie patterns. At the end of the day, we made a heart out of red solo cups and cardboard pieces. The boys worked together to make one and the girls worked together to make one. They did really well!!!

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi