Hi Parents,

We had a really fun week learning about the letter D! Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was ‘D is for Dental.’ In morning centers, the kids rolled the dice and covered the tooth with that number on it, they ‘cleaned teeth’ that had letters on them with a toothbrush, once they found that letter. They also, worked on some teeth themed rhyming cards. In afternoon centers, the kids counted ‘teeth’ (beads) on to a mouth with a number on it, they matched letters that were on giant teeth, and they played the alligator tooth game. The kids would pick a tooth to press down and at any moment the mouth would close and ‘bite’ their finger. This was really fun! All of them tried it even when they were afraid of being bitten. We ended the day with a write the room called ‘which is more?’ The kids had to find each set of snow globes that were on their paper and count the snowflakes. Once they counted, they had to circle which one had more snowflakes. This was a good challenge for them!

On Wednesday our theme was ‘Dinosaurs.’ In morning centers, the kids measured dinosaurs with unfix cubes, they made dinosaurs with pattern blocks, and they finished a creative writing page, ‘If I had a pet dinosaur…’ They had to name the dinosaur, say whether it was a boy or girl and say what he/she would eat and drink. They then had to draw the dinosaur. These turned out really cute. I love their creativity! In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, zoo phonics, math/science and sign language. We ended the day with a dino ‘fossil dig,’ LEGO’s, and putting our tiny dinosaur eggs in water so they would ‘hatch’ overnight. Those came home on Thursday!

On Thursday our theme was dinosaurs again. In morning centers, the kids cut and glued half of a dinosaur to match one at the top of the page, they used kinetic sand with dinosaur molds, and they played in rice bins with dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. In afternoon centers, they played with the dinos in rice again, they made letters with popsicle sticks, and they cut and glued words that start with D on to a dog. We ended our day with art. The kids made their own dinosaur with all kinds of different shapes. Those will come home next week.

Next week is March already! I can’t even believe it. We will talk about the letter E first, and also celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Take Care,