Hi Parents,

I can’t believe it’s March already! We had a fun week with the letter Dd. Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was Dental Fun. In morning centers, the kids rolled a die and covered the number on a tooth, they rolled a letter die and used a toothbrush to brush the letter he/she rolled off of a tooth, and they worked on rhyming cards. In afternoon centers the kids ‘flossed’ mega blocks with kinetic sand in them using yarn, they matched upper case letters to lowercase letters on a tooth and counted teeth (beads) on to mouths with numbers on them. We also played the crocodile teeth game. I posted pictures on GroupMe, the kids LOVED the game! I usually have at least 1 student that won’t touch it, but this year everyone tried it. It was really fun! We ended the day by doing a count the room. They had to find snow globes on the wall that matched their paper, count the snowflakes, and then circle which one had more snowflakes.

On Wednesday our theme was Dinosaurs. In morning centers, the kids measured dinosaurs with unifix cubes, they worked on dinosaur pattern blocks, and they finished a creative writing, ‘If I had a pet dinosaur…’ They drew their own dinosaurs, which turned out really cute! In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, zoo phonics, sign language, and math/science. We ended the day by putting our dinosaur eggs in water (so they could hatch overnight) and played with dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs with kinetic sand.

On Thursday our theme was Dr. Seuss. In morning centers, the kids counted Dr. Seuss objects and clipped the number at the bottom with a clothes pin, they worked on a Dr. Seuss letter match, and they finished a creative writing sheet, ‘Big ____,little____,what begins with____?’ Each student used the first letter of his/her name and then drew pictures of things that started with that letter. These will be in their binders at the end of the year. In afternoon centers the kids stacked red cups with white paper to look like The Cat in the Hat’s hat, they put together Dr. Seuss puzzles, and they cut and glued rhyming words on a Dr. Seuss hat. We ended the day with art. The kids used different shapes to make a dinosaur. These turned out really cute and will probably come home soon.

Next week we will cover the letter Ee. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,