Hi Parents,

We had a great week learning about the letter L! Here is a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was ‘Love Bugs.’ In morning centers, the kids counted and colored hearts on a love bug, they made a love bug by spelling their names on to hearts, and they worked on a color by shape sheet. In afternoon centers, the kids cut and glued hearts and made a love bug, they played with kinetic sand and cookie cutters, and they completed a number sequencing activity. We ended the day with toys, and I finished up their evaluations.

On Wednesday our theme was ‘Last Names.’ In morning centers, the kids used snap cubes to make numbers and counted the cubes, they built (found the letters for) their last name, spelled it and wrote it. They also cut and glued the letters for their last names. The whole class recognizes their last names, which is wonderful, and they worked hard to be able to spell them too! In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, sign language, zoo phonics, and science/math. We ended our day with our monthly name writing and drawing page.

On Thursday our theme was ‘Love Letters.’ In morning centers, the kids counted hearts on valentine themed 10 frames, they matched upper and lowercase letters, and they wrote letters to upcoming ABC students. They also made a card for their parents and wrote ‘I love you.’ In afternoon centers, the kids built with connecting sticks, played with shape magnets, and worked on a special Valentine project that will come home next week! We ended our day with art. The kids painted around a heart with cotton balls. When the heart is removed, it will show through the paint and be all white.

Next week we will talk about the letter V. Don’t forget our Valentine’s Day party is on Wednesday! Looking forward to it.

Take Care,