This week was H week. Tuesday was Happy Hearts Day. We started the day reading books with friends. In morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase Hh, did heart tan grams, our H cutting page, and put heart stickers on H. In afternoon centers, we put magnets on H and a helicopter, made love bug hearts, what number comes next page, and heart alphabet cards. In art class, we cotton ball painted around a heart. These turned out so cute!

Wednesday was crazy hair and hat day! We started the day playing toys with friends. In centers, we made a winter hat with paint dotters and cotton balls for the top, did H tan grams, a heads and tails puzzle, and practiced cutting hair on paper of course. For specials, we reviewed our letter sounds and motions for Zoo phonics and watched a couple phonics videos. We had chapel at the end of the day and learned about Jesus feeding the people.

Thursday was Home Sweet Home day. We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we wrote our phone numbers and addresses, pressed numbers for our phone numbers on a pretend phone, alphabet game, and made H on geoboards. In afternoon centers, we found the upper and lowercase Hh, matched keys to their houses, made our own houses with shapes, and cut and glued objects that start with H. To end the day, we did some makeup work and had story time. See you next week for D week, Dental and Dinosaurs!