Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom


This week, we wrapped up the month of February, learning about the letter V & kicked off the month of March by learning about the color, gray.


Books we read:

Vegetables in Underwear

Grow Up, David!



We colored our Vv ABC page

We did a fun volcano experiment

We played “vet” taking care of animals with medical kits

We made the letter V on our mini peg boards

We put pictures of “V things” on letter V

We built with gray Legos

We did “splash of color” sorting on the white board

We did patterning with gray clouds & elephants

We colored “gray things”-dolphins, a mouse, etc

We used shaving cream, mixing in black paint to make the color gray!



We did our monthly name writing sample

We played color & shape Bingo


Until Next Week,


Mrs. Kelli