This week was D week. Tuesday was Dental Health day. We started the day coloring a tooth. In circle time, we talked about things that are good for teeth and things that are bad for your teeth. In morning centers, we practiced writing ABCs and 123s and erased with toothbrushes, found all the upper and lower case D’s, played a teeth roll and cover game, and did a cut and glue activity sorting bad and good things for our teeth. In afternoon centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase Dd, played a healthy teeth sorting game, played a crocodile dentist game, and did our D cutting page. For art, we painted a tooth with toothbrushes, white paint and glitter. We ended the day with story time.

Wednesday was our first Dinosaur day. We started the day reading books with friends. In centers, we wrote about our pet dinosaur, what we would name it and what it would eat and drink, we did a dinosaur egg letter matching, measured dinos with rulers, and put our dinosaur eggs in water so they can hatch. For specials, we went over our Zoo phonics letters and watched a couple phonics videos. We ended the day with makeup work and story time.

Thursday was our second Dino day. We started the day writing our first and last names. In morning centers, we did our D letter review page, fed a dinosaur letter matches, matched numbers to dino eggs in ten frames, and made dinosaur hats. In afternoon centers, we cleaned off our dinos that came out of our dino eggs, found all the D’s, played a D spin and cover game, and matched numbers to tally marks. At the end of the day, we did our dino count book as a class and had story time. I hope they enjoyed the dino hats and the little dinosaurs that came out of their eggs. See you next week for Dr. Seuss day and our E week with elephants and eggs!