Hi Parents,

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful 2 weeks off. I know this week was a little different, thank you to those of you who jumped on google classroom and participated! Our letter for the week was S, here’s a snapshot of the last 2 days…

On Wednesday our theme was Space. In morning centers, the kids worked on 10 frames with moon rocks (foil balls), completed a number order with rockets, and played in a sensory bin with kinetic sand, space figures, and ‘planets.’ In afternoon centers the kids made shapes with rubber bands on GEO boards, colored pictures of things that start with the letter s and completed space patterns. We ended the day with a cutting activity and a game of ‘kids on stage,’ which is a game of charades.

On Thursday our theme was Super Heros. In morning centers, the kids worked on graphing with superheroes, completed a creative writing, ‘if I was a superhero…’ and made their superhero mask, which most of them wore home. In afternoon centers the kids used kinetic sand to make letters on alphabet mats, they counted and stacked Duplo blocks and put superheroes on them and made a superhero with shapes. We ended the day with art. The kids made the letter S into a superhero by ripping paper and gluing it inside the S and then cutting out a mask and gluing that and a cape on. They turned out really cute!

Next week we will be talking about the letter W. Have a great weekend!

Take Care,