Hi Parents,

We had a great week learning about the letter W. Here’s a snapshot…

Thank you to those of you, on Tuesday, that logged on and participated in ELearning from our google classroom!

On Wednesday it was nice to be back in the classroom. Our theme was Wackey Watermelons. In morning centers, the kids drew cards and counted that many ‘seeds’ (black beads) on to watermelons, they cut and glued a pink W on to a green watermelon, and they colored and painted a snowman do-a-dot page. In afternoon centers, the kids used snowman cookie cutters in kinetic sand, they outlined watermelon shapes with beads, and they completed their monthly name writing and coloring page. We ended the day with magnet people, puzzles, and finishing coloring from earlier, while I worked on some evaluations with the kids.

On Thursday our theme was Wonderful Weather. In morning centers, the kids worked on various activities in a weather book, they used pom poms on winter themed pom pom mats, and they painted with watercolors on the letter W. They loved this! In afternoon centers, the kids put together plastic chain links, they made snowflakes with plastic jewels and erasers, and they cut and glued snowman shapes. We ended our day with art. The kids finger painted snow on to a winter tree and painted a snowman underneath the tree. Next week we will stamp the face, arms, hat, etc. on to the snowman. Hopefully these will be up on the wall in the big room for conferences so you can see them!

Next week we will talk about the letter I. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,