This week we focused on the letter Ww. We talked about the sound the letter Ww makes and words that begin with the letter Ww. We came up with whale, worm, watermelon, winter, Wednesday, walrus, white and water.

On Tuesday, we focused on the theme of “winter wonderland”. For start-up, we worked on a find the Ww page. For morning centers, we put the number of marshmallows on a numbered hot chocolate card, did our the Ww says /w/ page, did a mitten creative writing, and made winter things out of winter pom pom sheets.  For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote the letter Ww, colored our January monthly coloring page, decorated a winter hat, and wrote our letters in “snow” salt trays. At the end of the day, we were evaluated on our letter sounds. 

On Wednesday, we focused on the theme of watermelons. For start-up, we colored a Ww is for watermelon page. For morning centers, we played a mitten number/ten frame match game, made a watermelon out of the letter W, practiced patterning with a winter theme, and did a watermelon push pin art. In the afternoon, we had specials with all four all-day teachers. At the end of the day, we finished up our evaluations. 

On Thursday, we focused on the theme of “wonderful weather”. For start-up, we practiced tracing and writing our first and last names. For morning art, we traced our hand and cut it out to make a polar bear scene. For afternoon centers, we played a snowman themed number matching game, did an animals hibernate/migrate page, matched the beginning sound with the right ABC, and worked on a weather activity book. At the end of the day, we drew a penguin by following directions. 

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi