Hi Parents,

We had a great week learning about the letter Ii. here is a snapshot….

Thank you to those of you that logged on to our google classroom on Tuesday! Hopefully the kids were able to accomplish something that day.

On Wednesday our theme was Indoor Ice skating. In morning centers, the kids decorated an ice skate, they completed a color by letter for the letter I, and they worked on their ‘I says’ page (we have done one of these for each letter). The kids also painted an igloo and a snowy sky that we didn’t get a chance to do on Tuesday. In afternoon centers, the kids used magnets on the letter I and an igloo, they finished their color by letter from earlier, and they laced the skate they made in morning centers. Those are hanging in the hallway!

On Thursday our theme was Ice Cream. In morning centers, the kids counted ice cream scoops on to cones with numbers on them, they colored, cut and decorated an ice cream cone, and they played with ice cream themed kinetic sand. In the afternoon we read the book, ‘Should I Share My Ice Cream’ by Mo Willams. We then sat in a circle with big plastic cones and a ball and ‘shared our own ice cream’ by passing the ball around the circle. Our goal was to pass the ball without it falling. It ended up taking about 5 tries before we did it. The kids were so excited! We ended our day with art. The kids cut and glued their igloo on to the snowy sky that they painted on Wednesday, and then glued themselves as an eskimo on to the page. These will be on their boards at graduation.

Next week we will talk about the letter X. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,