Hi Parents,

We had a fun week learning about the letter X. Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was X-Ray. In morning centers, the kids worked on an x-ray color by letter, they matched animals to their x-ray images and then used magnifying glasses to find any broken bones. They also traced their hand and glued q-tips to make it look like an x-ray. In afternoon centers, the kids used tweezers to put snowballs (cotton balls) into ice cube trays, they stacked cups on the light tables, and they cut and glued lowercase letters to match their uppercase letters. We ended the day with a count the room. The kids had a clipboard with a page of pictures on it. They had to find the matching pictures and count how many of the object there was and then write the number. This is always a good challenge for them!

On Wednesday our theme was X at the end of words. In morning centers, the kids finished patterns with the letter X, they worked on a creative writing page after reading the book “It’s Not A Box” and turned their own box in to something different. They also cut and glued X at the end of 3 different words. In the afternoon all of the classes rotated through specials where they learned Spanish, sign language, zoo phonics, and math/science. We ended the day by coloring and cutting out a winter mitten. These are hanging in our classroom and look great!

On Thursday our theme was X marks the spot. In morning centers, the kids created a treasure map by cutting and glueing pictures, they worked on an upper and lowercase letter match, and they drew and colored their own treasure map of their back yard. In the afternoon we finished our treasure maps from morning centers and then went on a treasure hunt for all of the pictures. They used ‘binoculars’ (toilet paper rolls) to find all of the pictures and then color them on their map. When we arrived back in the classroom there was a big blue X on the table with coins. The kids each picked a coin from the ‘treasure.’ It was a fun afternoon! We ended the day with art. The kids glued tissue paper to make a mitten shape. It will make more sense when you see them.

Next week is a whole new month with new letters and numbers we’ll be focusing on. We will be talking about the letter L first. Looking forward to it.

Take Care,