Hi Parents,

We had a fun week with the letter X! Here’s a snapshot…

On Tuesday our theme was X-ray. In morning centers, the kids matched animals to their x-ray image and used a magnifying glass to see what the animal had eaten and if it had any broken bones. They also traced their hand and glued q-tips on to make it look like bones. In the afternoon the kids made a xylophone with the letter X. The class had to listen carefully and follow my directions not only for what order to do things, but also for what color to make each note on the xylophone. These turned out great! We ended the day by playing a game called ‘hey riddle riddle’ for the letter X. I had pictures on the wall that either started with X or ended with X. I read a rhyming riddle and the kids had to decide what picture I was talking about and go stand by it. This is great for reinforcing the X sound and also for rhyming!

On Wednesday our theme was X at the end. In morning centers, the kids cut and glued X at the end of 3 different words, they did a creative writing after reading the book “It’s Not A Box,” and they worked on a mitten match where they had to match the number to the dots and then show that number on a 10 frame. In the afternoon the kids rotated through specials learning Spanish, sign language, math/science, and zoo phonics. We ended the day by practicing beginning sounds and writing letters on our dry erase boards.

On Thursday our theme was X marks the spot. In morning centers, the kids cut and glued a treasure map, they practiced writing letters on a dry erase board, and they completed a shape treasure map and matched uppercase and lowercase letters. In the afternoon the kids decorated their ‘binoculars’ (toilet paper rolls stapled together) for our treasure hunt. They took their treasure maps out to the foyer and looked for each picture on the map. Once they found the picture, they colored it. We ended our treasure hunt in our classroom where there was a giant X on the table with coins! Each student was able to pick out a coin to take home. It was a really fun afternoon! We ended the day by making our own treasure maps of our back yards.

Next week we talk about the letter Ll. Looking forward to it!

Take Care,