This week we focused on the letter Xx. We talked about the sound the letter Xx makes and words that begin with the letter Xx. We came up with only a few…x-ray, x-ray fish, xylophone (even though it sounds like the letter Zz), and our friend, Xavier. 

On Tuesday, we focused on the theme of “X is for x-ray”. For start-up, we colored and Xx page. For morning centers, we counted tally bones (tally marks), did a dot-to-dot of and x-ray fish, looked through magnifying glasses to find the matching x-ray to the animal, practiced writing Xx in all different sizes, and made our letters with snap cubes. For afternoon centers, we traced/wrote the letter Xx, rolled dice and counted out that many bones (q-tips), built with Legos, and put together a large skeleton puzzle. At the end of the day, we cut, pasted, and colored a xylophone craft.

On Wednesday, we focused on the theme of “X at the end”. We talked about words that end with the letter X. For start-up, we did a letter Xx find page. For morning centers, we made our numbers 0-20 with pop-its, did a x at the end worksheet, did an ‘It’s Not a Box” creative writing, and connected linking chains with the pattern it said on the card. In the afternoon, we had specials with all four all-day teachers. At the end of the day, we were asked if we thought the groundhog would/would not see his shadow. Unfortunately, he did. So, looks like six more weeks of winter. Boo!!!

On Thursday, we focused on “X marks the spot”. For start-up, we practiced our first/last names.  For morning art, we made our own “x-rays”. For afternoon centers, we colored, cut and pasted pictures to make our own treasure map, we colored our telescopes for our treasure hunt, and did our the Xx says /x/ page. At the end of the day, we went on a treasure hunt to find all the pieces on our treasure map. Then we searched for “X marks the spot” and found our treasure. We had a great time exploring!!!!!

Until next week,

Mrs. Brandi