Welcome to Mrs. Kelli’s Preschool Classroom!


This week, we focused on the letter Ww & the #5


Devotions this week:

“Strong & Brave”- Joshua 1:9

“Sing A Song”- Judges 5:3

“A Solid Rock”- 1Samuel 2:2

“Peekaboo”- 1Samuel 16:7


Books we read:

Waddle Waddle

The Crayon Box That Talked



We colored a watermelon for our Ww ABC page

We used eyedroppers to practice fine motor, moving water from one container to another

We did sorting

We practiced cutting 

We did patterning, using winter objects

We did upper/lowercase matching using popsicle materials

We did a #5 play doh mat

We built stacks of 5 unifix cubes

We counted 5 stickers and put them on paper

We did shape matching in groups of 5



We watercolor painted a winter mitten

We did a handprint to represent 5

*we evaluated this week. Mid-year progress reports went home in folders this week


Until Next Week,

Mrs. Kelli