Tuesday we had an e-learning/ snow day. I hope you enjoyed all the videos and activities with your child.

Wednesday was Indoor ice skating day. The kids had so much fun skating on paper plates to music! Check out GroupMe for pictures. We started the day practicing our first and last names. In morning centers, we practiced writing upper and lowercase I, did our “I” cutting page, started our Eskimo and igloo art project, and made ice skates. In afternoon centers, we did an igloo count game, continued our art project, did magnet Igloos, and a “find the I’s” game. At the end of the day, we did a letter match mittens page and finished up any unfinished work. Then we had story time.

Thursday was ice cream day. We started the day coloring an ice cream cone. In morning centers, we played ice cream shop and drew ice cream cones, we played match the uppercase ice cream with the lowercase cone game, played with play-doh to make ice cream patterns, and did a push pin ice cream cone. In afternoon centers, we played ISPY ice cream, Sprinkle 20 bingo, and finished our Eskimo/igloo art project. At the end of the day, we ate ice cream with our friends and had story time. See you next week for X week, X-rays, words that end in X, and X marks the spot days.