This week we learned about letter X. Tuesday was X-ray day. We started the day practicing writing our first and last names. For morning centers, we wrote capital and lowercase X, did a connect the dots page, made X’s with geo boards, and used magnets to make xylophones. In afternoon centers, we matched x-rays to their animals and used magnifying glasses, did a Q-tip bone art project, wrote x-ray numbers, and matched x-rays to their body parts. At the end of the day, we did an x-ray kid craft and had story time.

Wednesday was words that end in x day. We started the day doing an X maze. In centers, we wrote our predictions if the groundhog would see his shadow or not, wrote about our favorite things about ABC, did an end in X cutting page, and did our X cutting page. For specials we watched the ZooPhonics video and practiced our letters and sounds with each animal. At the end of the day, we matched upper and lower case letters to their mittens in a cutting and gluing activity and then had story time.

Thursday was X marks the spot day and Groundhog Day! We started the day coloring a groundhog. For centers, we colored binoculars, made our treasure maps, and did a shapes map, along with a roll and color groundhog game. For art, we made a colorful X xylophone. At the end of the day, we had our treasure hunt! We used our maps and our binoculars to find different landmarks and then finally find X marks the spot with treasure! See you next week for L week 🙂